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Membership Awards Night 2012


Bro. Robert H. Royer, 30 Year Member


Bro. Harold M. Potoeski, 35 Year Member


Bro. Robert S. Sorber, 40 Year Member


From Left to Right

Bro. Fred J. Sorber,  Bro. Charles F. Gensel, Jr., Bro. Geoerge A. VanHorn, P.M.

45 year Members





Sylvania's Gas Card Give Away Winners 2012

January's winner, none other than the Master

Bro. David I. Bronson, PM


February's winner

Bro. James "Lucky" Brink, PM


March's Winner

Bro. Fred "Jimmy" Sorber



April and May's  Winner

Bro. Johnny Hasay, PM


June's Winner

Bro. George A. VanHorn, PM