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2015 Events



150th Celebration October 23,2015




Robert J. Bateman, RWGM left with Thomas W. Hiller,PM, WM




Front row left to right

J. Kevin Jones, DDGM, Robert J. Bateman, RWGM, Thomas W. Hiller,PM, WM

Second row left to right

Dennis DeVine, Jeff Searles, Johnny Hasay, PM,  David Bronson, PM,  Zane Taney, PM,  Sherm Fink, PM,  Chuck Corteze, Jake Benscoter

Third row left to right

Ron Titus, Jimmy Sorber, Gary Davenport, PM



129 Years of Family Membership in Sylvania Lodge



 left to right

Zane Taney, P.M. 36 years, Eugene Taney, P.M. 46 years, William Taney, P.M. 36 years, Mark Taney 11 years




Johnny Hasay, P.M.,  Receives Secretary's Award

for more than ten years as secretary


left to right

Thomas Hiller, P.M., W.M.  Johnny Hasay, P.M. Secretary   Robert J. Bateman, Right Worshipful Grand Master




Century Club Award



Zane Taney, P.M. receives award from the Right Worshipful Grand Master for conferring 100 plus degrees.

Zane has conferred 145 degrees in total to date





Bro. Eugene Taney, P.M., Senior Past Master offered up the toast of the evening





Past Masters Night 2015

 Front left to right

William E. Taney, P.M., Eugene E. Taney, P.M., Gary H. Davenport, P.M.

Back left to right

Gerald Flynn, P.M. visitor from Nanticoke lodge, Johnny Hasay, P.M., James C. Brink, P.M., Thomas W. Hiller, P.M., Zane J. Taney, P.M.



50 Year Presentation



Bro. Alen Wolfe PM received his 50 Year Pin at home April 1, 2015

Presented by Bro. J. Kevin Jones District Deputy Grand Master on right


Bro. Thomas W. Hiller P.M., W.M. on left


from left to right

Bro. James C. Brink, P.M.,  Bro. Johnny Hasay, P.M., Sec.,  Bro. David I. Bronson, P.M., S.W.,  Bro. Thomas W. Hiller, P.M., W.M.

Bro. Alen E. Wolfe, P.M. 50 Year Member,  Bro. J. Kevin Jones, DDGM and Bro. Fred J. Sorber



Stated Meeting 50 Year Presentations April 6, 2015

Bro. Russell L. Major and Bro. William A. Michael received their 50 service award presented by the DDGM

From left to right

Bro. Thomas W. Hiller, P.M., W.M., Bro. Russell L. Major, Bro. William A. Michael, Bro. J. Kevin Jones, DDGM