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Masonic Presidents of the United States

George Washington, 1st President, 1789 to 1797

Commanding General during the American Revolution, made a Mason on August 4, 1753 in Fredericksburg Lodge A.F.& A.M, Fredericksburg VA

James Monroe, 5th President, 1817 to 1825

Made a Mason on November 9, 1775 in Williamsburg Lodge A.F.&A.M., Williamsburg VA

Andrew Jackson, 7th President, 1829 to 1837

Member of Harmony Lodge #1, Nashville Tenn., an honorary Member of Federal Lodge #1 F&A.M. , Washington, D.C. and Jackson Lodge #1, F&A.M., Tallahassee Florida. He served as Grand Master of Masons in Tennessee from 1822 to 1823.

James Knox Polk, 11th President, 1845 to 1849

Made a Mason on September 4, 1820 in Columbia Lodge #31 F.&A.M., Columbia Tenn.

James Buchanan, 15th President, 1857 to 1861

Made a Mason on January 24, 1847 in Lodge #43 F.&A.M. Lancaster PA

Andrew Johnson, 17th President, 1865 to 1869

Made a Mason in May of 1851 in Greeneville Lodge #119 F.&A.M., Greeneville Tenn.

James Abram Garfield, 20th President, 1881

Made a Mason on November 22, 1864 in Columbus Lodge #30 F.&A.M., Columbus Ohio

William McKinley, 25th President, 1897 to 1901

Made a Mason on May 3, 1865 in Hiram Lodge #21 F.&A.M. Winchester VA

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President, 1901 to 1909

Made a Mason on April 24, 1901 in Matinecock Lodge #806 F.&A.M. Oyster Bay NY

William Howard Taft, 27th President, 1909 to 1913

Chief Justice Supreme Court 1921 to 1930, made a "Mason at Sight" in an "Occassional Lodge" called for that purpose on February 18, 1909 in the Scottish Rite Cathedral, Cincinnati Ohio by Charles S. Hoskinson, Grand Master of Ohio.

Warren Gamaliel Harding, 29th President, 1921 to 1923

Made a Mason on August 27, 1920 in Marion Lodge #70 F.&A.M Marion Ohio

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd Presinent, 1933 to 1945

Made a Mason on November 28, 1911 in Holland Lodge #8 F.&A.M. New York, NY, the same Lodge in which George Washington, the 1st President, held an Honorary membership.

Harry S. Truman, 33rd President, 1945 to 1951

Made a Mason on March 18, 1909 in Belton Lodge #450 A.F.&A.M. Belton Missouri. He served as the Grand Master of Missouri in 1940.

Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President, 1963 to 1969

Entered Apprentice Mason on October 30, 1937, Johnson City Lodge #561, Johnson City TX. President Johnson did not advance any further.

Gerald R. Ford, Jr., 38th President, 1974 to 1977

President Ford was raised to the Sublime degree of a Master Mason on May 18, 1951 in Columbia Lodge #3 F.&A.M. of Washington D.C. as courtesy for Malta Lodge #465 F.&A.M. of Grand Rapids, MI



Presidential Candidates of United States

Thomas E. Dewy, New York Governor

Bob Dole, Former U.S. Senator/Majority Leader, Kansas: Russell Lodge #177 Kansas

Barry Goldwater, Former Senator from AZ.

Hubert H. Humphrey, Vice President of the United States

George McGovern, Senator from South Dakota

Harold E. Stassen, Minnesota Governor & Emdash; Fellowship Skekinah Lodge #257 St. Paul, MN., 33rd Degree, Grand Cross A.A.S.R., S.J.

George C. Wallace, Governor & Presidential Candidate who was nearly assassinated.